Turkey’s economy is second only to China among the world’s fastest-growing economies.

  • Turkey ranking among the G-20 countries draws a surging graph in the world politics as well as the economy.
  • With a growing popularity, Turkey has impressive economic and political openings for the new emerging markets.
  • From the countries in the region, there is a strong interest in the culture and lifestyle of Turkey.

Internationally equivalent programmes

The contents of our undergraduate and graduate programmes have been brought into conformity with other national and international programmes. In all our programmes a credit based system is used to comply with the European Credit Transfer System.

Turkish education system offers international students a rich field of choices. You will find a number of options to fit just about any need from specialized degrees to unique programs geared toward international students

At the same time you will have the opportunity to experience both modernity and tradition in one of the safest and most stable countries in the region.

Above all, the high quality of education will prepare you for a future anywhere in the world.

International Student Support

We provide specialist advice and support to prospective and current International students.

  • Providing international students with the information on procedural matters such as application processes, course selections, accommodation opportunities, orientation programs and cultural trips
  • Giving them the necessary information required to understand the surrounding, people and culture
  • Guiding them for their individual problems
  • Helping them for admission to state or university hostels
  • Organizing diverse social, cultural and sportive activities to support the social and cultural development of students


The ones who graduates from high school or the ones who are in their senior years in high school and for graduate programmes.

Steps to Enroll


  1. Fill the form on comor ask for a form to be sent to you from us.
  2. Pay the registration service charge and share payment receipt with us through by email or whats up

The name and address of the recipient’s bank

Bank Name : Ziraat Bankası

Branch Name: Kozyatağı Şubesi-2317

Bank Address: Sahrayıcedit Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 48 34734 Kadıköy İstanbul TURKEY   Phone: +90 216 468 6300

The recipient’s name and account number or IBAN (International Bank Account Number)


IBAN Number : TR52 0001 0023 1789 2035 2050 02

The BIC/SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank


The amount of the transfer and the currency it should be received in

2500  USD

The reason for the transfer

Write the full name of the applicant

  1. Apply for your country passport
  2. Scan (do not take picture please) your school transcripts with diploma copy and send us through our email address

*Applications with missing documents will not be taken into consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to upload complete and accurate documents before the application deadline.

  1. Receive your acceptance letter within3-5 working days but some universities might chage according to the department or their university admission time table.


We process application as fast as possible, avoiding any unnecessary delay, and help you choose an affordable and internationally recognized university.


Immigration and visas

The visa team offer a confidential specialist advice service. We can answer your immigration questions and help you prepare for any visa applications you may need to make.

Documents Required for STUDENT/EDUCATION Visas By Consulate:

  • Turkish visa form fully filled and signed
  • Valid passport + data page photocopy and 2 passport photos (6 cm x 5 cm) with white background colour, photos should not be stapled to the form. *The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of visa application.
  • Application fee (Non Refundable)
  • Flight reservation / booking with confirmed dates.
  • Proof of accommodation *Confirmed hotel reservation or dormitory reservation for the whole period of your stay in Turkey. Address and the reservation dates should be stated
  • Financial Guarantee
    1. Your last 6 months bank statement with reference letter showing transactions and your full name.
    2. A letter from your employer in Nigeria mentioning your annual salary, your position, date of leave.
    3. If your financial means are not sufficient or if you are a student in Nigeria, you may also provide commitment letter from your sponsor stating he/she will be responsible for your expenses, proof of his/her financial means (as mentioned above) and copy of their passports.
    4. If you are a business person in Nigeria, you should also present: (1 Original +1 Copy) – Income Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Vaccination Card” for yellow fever and typhoid diseases
  • National ID Card (1 Original +1 Copy)
  • Travel health insurance which covers the entire period of intended stay or transit

Luggage and Travel Preparation

  • Send a copy of your itinerary to us with the essential phone numbers for emergencies and carry them with your passport, just in case your phone is lost, stolen.
  • Ask our luggage check list for travel and luggage requirements
  •  Ask our luggage check list for travel and luggage requirements Don’t break the law, remember, being charged with a criminal offence can have long term consequences, including limiting your career or future travel options
  •  It is essential that staff meet with participating students regularly prior to departure. Knowing the students — their hopes, expectations, current knowledge base, anxieties, feelings, anticipated learning – is a pre-condition for ensuring that opportunities for learning are maximised. To prepare students for the intercultural challenges.

Financial Preparation

  • To help you prepare your budget for one year with our financial estimations during your stay abroad.

Advice for families

There are many issues that you need to consider before bringing your family (partners and children) to live with you during your studies, including accommodation, immigration and finances. If you do decide to bring your family to TURKEY, you should ensure you make preparations well in advance.


Welcome and arrival

  • We welcome you to TURKEY and we run a bookable coach service from airport to the campus (Pick up service charge $85 )
  • If you’ve got a mobile, we help you get a new line in TURKEY and you might be able to sign up for a cheap international calling plan. (Sim Card $35)
  • We operate a meet and greet service over Welcome Weekend issues giving information related to living in TURKEY and organize talks, workshops, events and trips to help you settle into life in the Turkey.

Resident Permit Application

  • We help you to apply to the Immigration Office with Student ID.
  • Report the Turkish Citizen Id obtained from Immigration Office to the Civil Registry Office,
  • Apply for a “general health care insurance” at the National Institute for Social Insurance
  • Submit the document obtained from National Institute for Social Insurance to the Immigration Office.

Banking and money

Opening a Turkish bank account is by far the safest way of protecting and managing your money during your studies. Most international students should be able to open a basic bank account which will give you access to banking services. Some banks also offer special bank accounts for international students which may give you additional benefits.

Living in TURKEY

Living in a different culture is hugely exciting, but it can also be challenging issues related to living in TURKEY

  • We make regular visits to you throughout the academic year in order to deepen our partnerships and give prospective students the opportunity to meet our team. (Regular Visit&Report to your parents $150/Month)
  • We help in finding suitable, clean, safe accommodation that fits to your budget (Accomodation Help Service charge is one month rent)

Trips and events

  • We organise trips throughout the academic year which offer students a great opportunity to see some of the TURKEY’s most famous and historical places and attractions at great student-friendly prices.
  • We organise specific events for international students as part of the university’s induction programme, as well as social events throughout the year

Working in TURKEY

  • We can help advise you on your conditions of work during your studies, and your working options in TURKEY after your studies, with regard to immigration requirements.
  • We can help you with finding work and developing your CV and employability.(Finding a job help service $135